5 Reasons Adversity Is Your Greatest Gift In Life

Adversity is defined by as “a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.” While no one enjoys experiencing adverse circumstances, adversity can play a significant role in personal growth and development by aiding in the generation of critical skills and knowledge. In this way, adversity can prove to be one of the greatest gifts and learning to embrace it can result in several benefits.

dysfunctional behavior

14 Signs – How To Recognize Dysfunctional Behavior at Work

It doesn’t matter where you work, pretty much every work environment has some form of dysfunction. Often, the employers who believe they are the worst are the best and vice versa.
Any type of dysfunction comes with a cost. It prevents employees from producing their best work, it impacts morale and can cause stress and illness. What does dysfunctional behavior look like in the workplace?

More Positive Life Balance – 3 easy Tips

Whilst time management is important to achieving these goals, some other steps must precede it. As you define these steps, preferably using a journal to keep track of what you discover about yourself, they will help you achieve that work and life balance that will enable you to do those things you want to do and achieve at this point in your life.