Building Resilience – Brave All Odds

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Building strong resilience, huge self-esteem and be content in your life

This can be your way to brave all odds in life, to cope with everything that make your life difficult. Resilience really is the key to that way of living!

With this courses there is no way something like this can happen again!

You learn how to stand tall and strong and go with the flow!

Building Resilience


Time to wake up! Mindsetting Courses has started!

This could be the possibility for you to master your life in every way!

My courses are aiming at exactly this: that you are happy with your life, your choices and I want you to improve every part of you so you can be content.

Do you want this too?

Hey, then it´s time to wake up, get up and do what you always wanted to do: create that self that you always wanted to be!

This don´t have to be difficult, you will get all the help you are needing for this awesome way to your resilience!

But I can only do so much to guide you on this epic journey. You are the one who is truly responsible for the change and so the success will also be only yours!


Are You Realizing Your Full Potential?

Sometimes, you may be getting the feeling that you are not realizing your best potential. You feel that there is so much more you can do… you should do… but it is just not happening.

You get the feeling that life has cheated you, that you haven’t got the opportunities that others have got, that luck hasn’t favored you the way it has favored others, and it is because of all these reasons that you think that your life isn’t going the way it should.

One of the main reasons why you feel that you aren’t realizing your full potential is because you feel you are in the wrong place. Are you thinking that this job is lower than what you are capable of doing?

Is there something out there that’s much bigger, and you are confident of doing? If there is something like that, then what’s stopping you?

Maybe you should muster enough courage, enough resilience, to make the shift. Go on and bring about the change… there is no one besides you who can create the shift.

There are some people who think in terms of education. They think that they could have studied more, improved their credentials a bit more, but there is something in their path that is stopping them.

But, if you are confident that you can study for a particular thing that can turn your life for the better, do not let anything stop you. You should go ahead and try to enhance your qualifications in any way possible. That is the most important thing you should strive for.

When you improve your qualifications, you will find more opportunities knocking your way. And, when something comes your way, you should learn to be steadfast about it. That is resilience!

Remember that a rolling stone gathers no moss. You have to make a firm resolve and then chase it through if you want to get where you want to go.

There is no one who realizes your potential as much as you do. It is, therefore, your responsibility to bring about any changes that you should. No one will give you opportunities on a platter. You have to make efforts for attaining them.

Think about it… what would have happened if the great scientists of today had just stayed in regular day jobs? Or if the great musicians we know of hadn’t mustered the courage to come out and be seen?

Every great person has made the effort to become visible at some time or the other. And, these opportunities haven’t always come to them easily. Just like them, you too need to recognize them and chase them if you want your full potential to be realized.

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I´m a master in hypnosis and a counselor in conflict relief. With my courses and my other site Mindsetting Books I want to support and help persons, who feel like their life needs a new meaning and a new perspective. I changed much on my way to more self-esteem and feeling more content in every aspect of my life. Years before now I was very depressed, had fibromyalgy and migraines most days in a month. because of the pain I took to much pills and was addicted to them. I was not able to work and it was a really hard time. During my further education as counselor I finally woke up! I saw that my perspective was exactly that: MY perspective! And I learned, that I can change this perspective. I didn´t have to feel this way! And so I began to work on my wellbeing. It was sometimes complicated but my education and the use of hypnosis made another person. All that accelerated enormously when my son was born. With the will to be there for him every minute I had a good time on improving more of my skills and succeded! I´m noe free from pain, free in my thoughts, I let all boundaries go and live my life the way I want! And I want that for every person who feels the need to break their own chains and liberate themselves from unhealthy boundaries, thoughts and want to learn and apply the most important trait a human can have: resilience! So come with me on the journey to improve how you feeling today! You know, when you are able to change just 1 % everyday you have changed 365 % in one year! Have fun while you are working on your attitude and it´s not like working. Let me support YOU on your way. You deserve it!!
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