Self-Reflection and Introspection – An Exciting Journey To The Depths Of Your Inner Self

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Is it a Dead-End? Or, Is It A New Beginning? How can Self-Reflection be of help for you?

Have you ever gone on a long hike up a big hill only to run right into a dead-end sign?

If you had noticed a sign posted before you hiked up the hill, would you have kept going? Or, would you have shrugged your shoulders and turned around, cutting your walk short?

The majority of us would see the sign and take a different route. Why bother expending all that energy just to meet with a path that goes nowhere? It feels pointless.

That’s the kind of thought process that we apply to the things we can see. To the signs that are right in front of us. Yet, we ignore those signs in real life. When we make plans and take action to execute those goals and achieve our goals we often run into dead ends. We may or may not see them coming, but we forge ahead and expend valuable energy.

For what?

What if your journey was less about avoiding dead ends and more about re-framing those dead ends. Is it a dead end? Or, is it a new beginning?

 Self-Reflection and Success


Sometimes you just have to hike to the top of the hill and enjoy the view.

In life, there will always be an issue to evaluate or a problem to solve. Sometimes, the only way to get to where you need to be is to explore the dead-ends, reinvigorate, recalibrate, and start again.

Success is subjective. It’s up to you to define what it means for you and to build your life around what that means and what it looks like.

You hike to the top of that hill. You can turn around and walk back down, shrugging about meeting the dead-end. Or, you can take a moment to enjoy the view and gather the learning you have picked up on the journey it took you to get here.

A dead-end doesn’t have to mean a waste of energy. It doesn’t have to be useless. Is any road ever really a dead-end? If you find something of value there, if there is a lesson to make the effort worth it, then it isn’t really a dead-end, is it?

Isn’t that just a detour? Sure, it might take you a bit longer to get to where you want to be. Yes, it might not have been the route you plotted out. Yet, it may be a necessary lesson on your journey.

When you sit down and decide your path, there is no guarantee that you won’t run into obstacles. You will meet many dead-ends. Sometimes, the journey you take is more important than how quickly you reach your destination. You just never know when what looks like a dead-end is really just a new beginning. Self-reflection can lead you from a dead and to a solution in the future.

Self-Reflection- A Journey through your past can change the future

Think back on the trajectory your life has taken. Do you see the twists and turns that have led you to this point in life? Are there moments that you viewed as dead-ends at the time that you can now recognize as opportunities?

If you feel as though you’ve walked into a dead-end, what can you do to change the script and view things differently?

It’s up to you to decide what path you take. You have to follow the road signs you see along the path and decide whether to explore the dead-ends or to keep on walking. You can’t track every path, it would be an impossible path.

No path can be clear, no matter how prepared you are. You may run into a clear dead-end on what looks like an open road, just like you may run into an opening when the sign read dead-end.

Why you need self-reflection

Self-Reflection is a very sensitive and powerful tool to gain and keep your mental health.

It can be scary. To take a journey of self-reflection to improve one’s self-awareness. You will have to get to grips with a lot of emotional turmoil that you have experienced in your life. That can be painful. It can be difficult, but you are strong enough and while you can’t erase the fear, you can overcome it.





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I´m a master in hypnosis and a counselor in conflict relief. With my courses and my other site Mindsetting Books I want to support and help persons, who feel like their life needs a new meaning and a new perspective. I changed much on my way to more self-esteem and feeling more content in every aspect of my life. Years before now I was very depressed, had fibromyalgy and migraines most days in a month. because of the pain I took to much pills and was addicted to them. I was not able to work and it was a really hard time. During my further education as counselor I finally woke up! I saw that my perspective was exactly that: MY perspective! And I learned, that I can change this perspective. I didn´t have to feel this way! And so I began to work on my wellbeing. It was sometimes complicated but my education and the use of hypnosis made another person. All that accelerated enormously when my son was born. With the will to be there for him every minute I had a good time on improving more of my skills and succeded! I´m noe free from pain, free in my thoughts, I let all boundaries go and live my life the way I want! And I want that for every person who feels the need to break their own chains and liberate themselves from unhealthy boundaries, thoughts and want to learn and apply the most important trait a human can have: resilience! So come with me on the journey to improve how you feeling today! You know, when you are able to change just 1 % everyday you have changed 365 % in one year! Have fun while you are working on your attitude and it´s not like working. Let me support YOU on your way. You deserve it!!
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