Set Boundaries And Learn To Say NO Kindly

Set boundaries
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It can be hard to set boundaries with your own self because you are also the enforcer of the consequences. But if you take the time to meditate on why they are valuable and what you need to do, it is possible to make them a reality.

You may be prepared for other people to disrespect you or cause you pain. But have you ever considered that you may be doing this to yourself? As we know from the best horror films, sometimes the call is coming from inside the house.

This can look like you disparaging yourself constantly in your own mind. It can also be you choosing to not do the things that you know would benefit you. Maybe that is taking a walk or getting eight hours of sleep.

Physical Health and Boundaries

Personal health touches many areas of your life. An obvious example is exercise. Are you moving your physical body in a way that honors what it needs? The human body was made to move, but it does not mean you have to torture yourself. Find something you enjoy doing and set some plans to make it a part of your practice, be it walking, yoga, or badminton.

The food you eat is also a good thing to consider, but every person’s body is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Talk to a nutritionist or doctor you trust. Make choices that leave your body feeling good and strong, and if there is food you realize makes you feel terrible, like fast food, make those boundaries.

The sleep you are getting at night dictates how you can function during the day. Usually the standard amount is eight hours. If you are not getting enough, ask yourself what is stopping you. Maybe less TV at night or no eating past a certain time can help you wind down.

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Mental Health and Boundaries

Stressors come in all shapes and sizes. Making boundaries to promote good mental health will involve many areas of your life. Too much stimulation can often be a problem. By limiting the amount of screen time you allow, especially for things like TV or social media, you give your brain a chance to relax.

Consider your thought life also. Are you constantly thinking about or agonizing over things that stress you out? Maybe you have an abusive inner dialogue due to low self-esteem. Pursuing regular therapy and engaging in a mind exercise like meditation can re-train your brain to be more positive.

There are so many other areas where stress can come into play. Write down everything in your life that touches a nerve or leaves you feeling depleted. It can be mental, physical, or spiritual. From there, you can figure out the boundaries you need to set to develop more self-care in your life.

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Set boundaries


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