Your Personal Power: 5 Keys to Ultimate Resilience

personal power

Do you remember when you were a child, and a bully called you a name or made fun of you? If you answered “I am rubber, and you are glue. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you,” your answer personified how resilience is the cornerstone of personal power. Resilience, or the ability to bounce back from difficulties, is the basis for creating your own personal space, view, and power.

Your personal power depends on how resilient you are. Life coaches teach that building resilience grows your personal power to cope with challenges and obstacles. Psychologists have studied the link between resilience and personal power. They’ve determined that these key aspects of resilience help support personal power:

  • Focusing on the Present Supports Faith in Yourself
  • Learning from Your Failures Supports Self-Acceptance
  • Positive Thinking Supports Courage in Your Principles
  • Stress Management Supports Being Yourself
  • Changed Perspective Supports Choosing Your Response
personal power

Focusing on the Present: Here lies your personal power

Resilience requires focusing on the present. You can’t be resilient if you distract yourself from your goals by worrying about the past or future. Learning to focus on the present supports your personal power by understanding and giving you faith in yourself. Since you can’t change the past, you need to focus on what you can do now to improve your future. Believing that you have the power to shape your future shows your personal control.

Learning from Your Failures Supports Self-Acceptance

Instead of blaming others, resilient people understand how they contributed to a failure. Resilient people are willing to examine their life and look for ways to overcome difficulty. They use mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

Acknowledging your role in failure also allows you to own your part in success. Self-acceptance means you have worked hard to understand yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses. When you learn from your failures, you build the self-awareness that leads to self-acceptance. Because you accept yourself, your personal power is built on your resilience to life’s obstacles.

Positive Thinking Supports Courage in Your Principles

Even when bad things happen, resilient people think positively by looking for ways to resolve and overcome obstacles. They don’t let others define their opinions or principles. Because resilient people stay focused on positive outcomes, they aren’t easily swayed by the negative views of others. When you think positively, your principles are based on knowing you can and will succeed. Your belief in yourself creates personal power.

Stress Management Supports Being Yourself

Resilient people experience stressful situations in life. Instead of letting stress overwhelm them, they have learned to manage their lives to work through stress. Resilient people understand that not everything that causes stress is horrible or never-ending. Stress can be a motivator and teacher too.

Knowing how to process stress and work through it supports your personal power and being yourself. Because a resilient person doesn’t allow other’s expectations of them to cause stress, they are free to be who they are. In fact, being true to yourself often causes less stress once you learn to feel comfortable with your opinions and principles. Being yourself builds your personal power and allows you to take the time needed to recharge, grow, and achieve.

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Changed Perspective Supports Choosing Your Response

Personal power isn’t about control over others. Personal power is control over yourself. Resilient people’s positive perspective of learning, growing, and living in the present supports the ability to choose the best response to any situation. Choosing your personal response without interference from negative forces is the definition of personal power.

It’s impossible to build and maintain personal power without resilience. As the cornerstone of personal power, resilience provides the skills of focusing on the present, learning and growth, positive thinking, and stress management.

These skills change your perspective and support your personal power by helping you chose your response despite outside influences by building faith in yourself and your principles, self-acceptance, and the courage to be yourself and chose your best outcome.

I hope that the short insights and the other links to the same topic were helpful for you.

all the best for you on your way to your happiness and a fulfilled life. If you need help, please contact me or take a look at my courses, which open new perspectives and more room for maneuver through the challenges of life!


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